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Iowa State Basketball odds

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A great way to enhance the action on the college basketball court is to make a wager on the game. If you are a fan of Iowa State basketball, then Iowa State basketball odds are going to be of an interest to you. Consider this the guide to those Iowa State odds and how to put yourself in a position to make the best bet possible. 



Iowa State Cyclones basketball odds 


Iowa State basketball odds indicate the likelihood of that outcome. The closer to zero the number is, the closer to 50/50 the outcome is. So, if Iowa State were +110 underdogs, they would only be slight underdogs in the contest. But there is a lot more to it than that. 



How to bet on Iowa State Basketball 


So, you want to start betting on Iowa State Cyclones basketball. How do you use those Iowa State basketball odds to your advantage? Are you looking to place a bet on the Iowa State basketball line? Maybe going with the Iowa State basketball spread is the right answer? 


Knowing the program is just the start. Knowing the different betting types can also prove beneficial. This guide will help you begin placing wagers on things like the Iowa State point spread, money line, and each of the different betting scenarios. 



Iowa State basketball odds formats 


Betting on Iowa State odds can be as simple or complex as you like. Before checking out Iowa State basketball odds, however, it helps to know the different bet types. We will go over each type below. 



Iowa State money line 


The most common way to use Iowa State basketball odds is to bet on the money line. Whether you bet on the Iowa State money line or not is another matter. The goal when choosing the money line is to pick the outright winner of the game. 


There are no frills when considering the Iowa State money line. Even if the game ends with a one point difference, the Iowa State basketball line makes betting on the Cyclones as simple as possible. When starting out with Iowa State basketball odds, keep it simple and consider the money line. 


Iowa State point spread 


Another way to bet is using the Iowa State basketball spread. The Iowa State point spread evens the gap in odds that can be created by betting on the money line. The caveat here is that you are not choosing a winner or loser but betting on one team to fall within a certain point range in comparison with their opponent. 


Let’s look at Iowa State’s matchup with Texas. Entering the game, the Iowa State basketball spread was +7.5 This means that, in order to cover the spread, Iowa State would have needed to lose by less than 8 points or win outright. They wound up losing 72-54, failing to cover the spread as well. 


Iowa State totals 


Another way to bet on the game is to consider the point totals. Choosing the Iowa State basketball point spread or money line can be difficult. Instead, switch your focus on Iowa State basketball odds to the point total. 


This is also known as the over/under. The point total is set for each game and the bettor wagers on whether the total number of points scored will come in over or under that total. For instance, the over/under was set at 127.5 for the game against Oklahoma State, with the 64-56 total falling under the mark. 


Iowa State futures 


Do you feel like you have a key eye for the future? Using Iowa State odds to your advantage, you could make a futures bet. This bet type is about predicting a specific result. These can include making it to the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four, and winning the national championship, among other things. 


A futures bet could look something like this. To win the Big 12 Conference outright, Iowa State would be +7000. To win the conference tournament, they would be +5000. And to win the NCAA Tournament, they would be +50000. Those odds can change with developing events but give an indication of how likely that outcome is. 


Iowa State prop bets 


There are other ways to bet on Iowa State basketball odds. If you aren’t so much interested in the outcome of the game, try betting on the player props instead. These props are about what a specific player will do. 


An example of a prop would be player points. Generally, these are set as and over/under. If the line on Jaren Holmes is 18 points, the bettor would have to decide if Holmes would score more or less than that number. 



Iowa State basketball in March Madness 


The NCAA Tournament is a whole different beast to bet on. Iowa State odds can change drastically when the tournament begins as ISU is typically a lower seed. For instance, you may see that an Iowa State basketball spread gets wider playing a top team in the tournament. 


Historically, the tournament has not been kind to the Cyclones. The program has made it to the Elite Eight just twice in program history (1944 and 2000) with their lone Final Four appearance coming in 1944. When March Madness begins, Iowa State basketball odds are generally not favorable. 



Iowa State basketball FAQ 


Has Iowa State ever made the Final Four? 

Iowa State has just one Final Four appearance in program history, doing so in 1944. 


How many NBA players are from Iowa State? 

There have been 36 players from Iowa State to appear in the NBA. Currently, there are five ISU alumni in the NBA: Tyrese Haliburton, Talen Horton-Tucker, Monte Morris, Georges Niang, and Lindell Wigginton. 


How many national championships has Iowa State won? 

As of yet, the Iowa State Cyclones do not have a national championship to their credit. That said, they do have six regular season conference titles and another six conference tournament championships. 


Who coaches the Iowa State Cyclones basketball team? 

T.J. Otzelberger was named the 21st head coach of Iowa State basketball in March 2021 and has been in that position since. 


Has Iowa State been to the Elite Eight? 

The Cyclones have made but two appearances in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. They achieved the feat in 1944 and then again in 2000.