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Colorado Rockies

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Colorado Rockies Odds, Betting Lines, and Spreads


Betting on the Colorado Rockies is easy to do but how can you be sure you make the right choice of wager? We’ll be looking at the different types of baseball betting you can carry out, as well as what the Rockies’ chances are of doing better than last season’s 68-94 record and fifth-place finish. 


How to Bet on the Rockies 

Online sports betting now makes it far easier for us to wager on the Rockies. You’ll find the latest MLB odds at ClutchBet, where the baseball section gathers together all these games in one place. Registering here only takes a moment and you’re then invited to add funds to your account to gamble with. 


Since there are numerous different ways of betting on baseball, you can start by looking at the following methods. Once you click on something that interests you, adding an amount to the wager lets you see how much you would win if the bet works out as you hope it will. The final step is to confirm it. 


Of course, it’s up to you how much research you want to carry out before placing your bets and how far in advance you want to look. You don’t have to be a huge Colorado fan to place these bets but having sound knowledge of the team and their rivals is a definite advantage when you check out the Rockies odds today to make a decision. 


How to Read Colorado Rockies Odds 

This isn’t particularly difficult to do, and if you understand baseball you’ll quickly get to grips with the varied ways of betting on this sport. There are different reasons for trying each of the different methods we’ll be looking at, so it’s good to know exactly what they involve. 


Rockies Moneyline 

Most people who follow MLB games probably know what the moneyline bet is. This is a simple wager where you’re looking to predict which team is going to win the game. Nothing else affects the outcome of your wager, so it’s just a question of deciding which team you think will get the victory. 


There are two possible ways the Colorado Rockies betting odds could be listed. If their name is next to a negative number, they’re favorites. The number tells you how much you need to bet to win $100. In other cases, you might see a positive, which is when Colorado is favorite and that number is the amount you win with a $100 wager. 


Rockies Point Spread 

In what circumstances might you be interested in a point spread bet, also known as a run spread? This is something that gives you the chance to add the runs margin to the basic wager. In baseball, you’ll see 1.5 used often as the margin. 


If the Rockies are listed as -1.5, you’ll need them to win by at least 2 runs to collect your bet. The opposite bet shows +1.5, in which case they need to avoid a defeat by 2 or more runs for you to win. In both cases the odds are shown beside the spread, using the same format we saw in the moneyline section. 


Rockies Totals 

This is another type of MLB bet that’s a lot easier to understand than you might fear. The totals bet is also known as over/under, as all you’re doing is predicting the number of runs that both teams make. A total will be listed, such as 7.5, and you just want to guess whether the total is higher or lower than this. 


It makes no difference where you’re celebrating a 6-2 win for the Rockies or a 3-5 loss, in both these cases the over bet would win as there were 8 runs. The use of half-runs is to ensure that it can’t end in a push, as both sides of the bet need to either win or lose. 


Rockies Parlays 

Parlays add an extra dimension to your baseball betting, as you combine two or more wagers on a single bet slip. This is a way of increasing the Colorado Rockies odds because every wager you add increases the potential payout. Be careful what bets you add though, as every one of them has to work out for the parlay to be a success. 


One option here is to look for different bets on the Rockies that you want to make. Alternatively, you can look around for any other type of wager that you believe will be a success. Add the individual elements to your bet slip and confirm it. 


Rockies Futures 

A futures bet is based on what you expect to see happen in the future. This could be based on the outcome of the next World Series or the next MVP awards. It’s a way of looking ahead and working out what you think the future holds for Colorado. 


As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult to do, as so many factors can change in the next few weeks or months. That makes this kind of wager more attractive to many players, as the odds are generally bigger than on bets for upcoming games. 


Rockies Prop Bets 

Prop bets are based on what a player or team does during a game, so they’re more specific than the types of wagers we looked at earlier. For example, you might want to bet on the total runs the Rockies will score or on which team will score the first run. 


In terms of player props, you could use their total strikeouts, number of home runs, or total bases, as well as some other options. This is another of the bets where a good knowledge of the team together with an understanding of the Rockies odds helps immensely. 


Live Betting on the Colorado Rockies 

Live betting gives you the chance to watch your favorite team while betting on them at the same time. Whether you’re at Coors Field or watching at home, you can see the odds on the Rockies change as the game gets played in front of you. This means that you may spot opportunities to gamble smartly as you follow the game. 


If your bet on the Rockies is going well, you could get the option of cashing out a guaranteed profit before the game ends. This could make sense in those games where Colorado is hanging on to a narrow lead and there are few innings still to play, so you fear your team losing and your bet going wrong too. Cashing out in this situation might make you feel more relaxed than would otherwise be the case.  


Colorado Rockies World Series Odds 

What are the Rockies odds to win World Series this season? Despite being one of Colorado’s top sports teams, they are among the biggest outsiders with huge odds of around +100,000 at the time of writing. This means that it’s considered highly unlikely that Colorado wins its first World Series this year. They would need to improve significantly on last season’s 68-94, which saw them finish in fifth place in the National League West. 


The Atlanta Braves, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are among the favorites, with odds as low as around +400 for each of them. However, the Rockies including some of their all-time best players shocked the sporting world when went on an unbelievable winning streak to reach the 2007 World Series and will be hoping to do so again. 


Colorado Rockies Odds FAQ 

What Are The Odds The Rockies Win The World Series? 

Expect to find odds that go as high as +100,000, which shows that the chances of the Rockies winning the World Series aren’t rated as being very high this year. 


How Many World Series Titles Have The Colorado Rockies Won? 

This franchise is still looking for its first World Series win. The closest the Rockies have come was in 2007 when they had an incredible run to the World Series but eventually lost to the Boston Red Sox 4-0. 


Who Leads The Rockies In All Time Wins? 

Jorge De La Rosa leads this list, with an impressive total of 86 wins. His 985 career strikeouts also put the pitcher ahead of the rest in this respect too. Aaron Cook has the second-highest number of wins, at 72. 


Who Is The Manager Of The Colorado Rockies? 

Bud Black is the current Rockies manager, and he’s been carrying out the role since 2016. He signed an extension to his contract in 2023, meaning that he’s currently contracted to Colorado until the end of the 2024 season.