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Denver Broncos Odds, Betting Lines, and Spreads


The idea of finding the latest Denver Broncos odds and betting on their games is one of the most interesting ways of adding something extra to your enjoyment of their games. There are several ways of doing this that are well worth finding out about, so what are the key points you need to learn to start betting on the NFL? 



How to Bet on the Broncos 

You can easily find the current odds for the Broncos online with ClutchBet. Sign up as a new user and you can then choose from the different banking methods to add funds to gamble with. Having done this, you then enter the football tab and look for the current NFL odds and games. 


This is where you start to see the different types of bets you can choose. Some are based on individual games and others are related to how the Broncos get on during the full season. This variety is why we will be looking at all of the ways of betting so that you understand which of them appeals to you the most. 


The football betting process is simple, as you choose the exact wager and a bet slip will open up. Here, you enter the amount you want to bet on the option that covers what you think the outcome will be. The profit you would collect if the bet works out well is shown at this stage and by confirming it you place the bet. 


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How to Read Denver Broncos Odds 

A look at the Broncos betting odds gives you a view of what you might want to bet on. This is a popular market with a lot of variety, meaning that you should start by understanding all of the different ways of betting that you’re going to come across. 

Broncos Moneyline 

The first thing you’ll probably see when you look at the Broncos odds today is the moneyline bet. This is the wager where you predict that Denver will win or lose the game. Nothing else is taken into account on this bet, so only the result matters in terms of your bet. 


If you see the odds listed with a negative, this indicates that they’re the favorite to win. The number next to the negative sign is the dollar amount you need to bet to win $100. 


In those cases where the Broncos have positive odds, they’re the underdog. The odds work differently this time, with the number showing you the amount you win with a successful $100 bet. 


Broncos Point Spread 

With the points spread, it isn’t just the winner that matters. This bet is about predicting whether the winning margin will be bigger or smaller than the stated number. You’ll see the odds beside both teams, in addition to a number of points. 


In games where the Broncos are favorites to win, the points total will be shown as a negative. Let’s imagine it’s set to -9.5. To win with this bet, you would need them to win the game by 10 or more points. On the other hand, if the Denver Broncos odds are +9.5, you only need them to not lose the game by 10 points or more. 


Broncos Totals 

The totals bet is also called the over/under bet, as it’s where you predict the total number of points in the game. You don’t need to worry about who wins or how evenly the points are split between the two teams. All you’re doing is betting on whether the points total is over or under the stated amount. 


You’ll see this bet listed with a number next to it. With the example of 45.5, the over bet is for the game producing 46 or more points, while the under bet is if you think there will be less than 45 points racked up overall. 


Broncos Parlays 

What if you think that you can correctly predict the outcome of more than one game, or different aspects of a single game? This is where parlays come in useful, as they allow you to combine various bets on a single bet slip. 


You need all of these individual wagers to be correct for the parlay to pay out. Look through ClutchBet for some bets that interest you, but if they can’t be combined in a parlay, you’ll automatically be notified of this and won’t be able to proceed any further. 


Broncos Futures 

With futures, you see details such as the Broncos odds to win Super Bowl LVIII. These are wagers that you place in advance of the event, so you could place that Super Bowl bet before the season starts when everyone still has a chance of winning it. 


This way of betting often gives big odds, as it’s so difficult to predict something that’s a long time from happening. You might consider it to be a good choice if you feel that you have a good idea of how the upcoming season will go, or just to add some extra spice to the season. 


Broncos Prop Bets 

With prop bets, you can get more exact when predicting what you think will happen. This is a type of wager in which you try to work out the statistics on a team or player basis. So, it might suit you if you have a high level of knowledge about the Broncos and their opponents. 


A prop bet could be based on areas such as which player reaches the highest number of rushing yards. Or you might decide to bet on how successful Russell Wilson is at getting a large number of passing yards in the game. 



Live Betting on the Denver Broncos 

In some cases, you might place a bet before the game and then simply forget about it until the action comes to an end and you see if you’ve won or lost. However, live betting takes a different approach by letting you place your wagers as the game takes place. 


The odds change according to how the game is going. This makes it suitable for those situations where you’re going to be watching the Broncos play while following the changing odds at the same time. Imagine Denver is playing the Las Vegas Raiders in a game you want to bet on. 


You might see that the Broncos start well and decide to bet on them. If they build up a lead, you could consider cashing out early if you think that the Raiders might fight back. Or you could add another bet on Denver if you’re more confident of them winning now.  



Denver Broncos Odds to Win Super Bowl

The Broncos did not win make the playoffs in 2024, failing to reach them again. The last time the Broncos made the playoffs was in 2015. 


They finished the AFC West regular season with 8 wins and 9 losses, ending up benching their star quarterback Russell Wilson, whose future is still unsure. Denver finished 3rd in AFC West behind Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders.


With three Super Bowl wins in their history and the last one coming in 2015, you might think that it’s time for them to win it again. Nonetheless the future is not looking very bright and Sean Payton will need to renew the roster to have a chance in Super Bowl LIX in 2025.


Denver Broncos Odds FAQ 

What Are The Odds Of The Broncos Winning The Super Bowl? 

At the time of writing, you can expect to see odds of about +5000 for the Broncos winning the Super Bowl. This will change depending on how well they start the season. 


What Are The Broncos Biggest Rivals?  

The Las Vegas Raiders are commonly named as being Denver’s biggest rival. Other franchises that have a strong rivalry with the Broncos include New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. 


Have The Denver Broncos Ever Won A Championship? 

The Broncos have won the Super Bowl on three occasions. The first one came in 1997 and they won again in 1998 before claiming their final win in Super Bowl XXXIII in 2015.