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Colorado Avalanche Odds, Betting Lines, and Spreads


Find out the latest Colorado Avalanche odds to see whether you want to bet on them to win their next NHL games or win the Stanley Cup for the fourth time. There are several different ways of wagering, so let’s take a look at what you need to know. 



How to Bet on the Colorado Avalanche? 

Betting on Colorado is done on a reputable site such as ClutchBet, where you can look for the hockey section and then choose the NHL. This is just one of many sports and leagues covered, so you can look further afield if you want to vary your betting at times. 


The signup process is short and simple, so you’ll soon be looking at the different types of bets. As an Avalanche fan, you’ll be hoping that they do better than in the 2022-23 season, where they lost to the Seattle Kraken in the first round of the playoffs and were unable to defend the Stanley Cup they won the season before. 


If you’ve looked at the schedule and see which games you think you can predict the outcome of, the next step is to place your bets. This is easy to do, but first, we need to take a look at the different bet types and explain what they all mean. It’s not particularly difficult, but you need to take a moment to understand this before going any further. 



How to Read Colorado Avalanche Odds? 

Several bet types are available, each with its own Colorado Avalanche best odds. This gives you a chance to find the exact type of wager that suits you and that you feel you can place with. They range from straightforward win predictions for the next game to an overall look at the season and more. 



Avalanche Moneyline 

Do you think that Colorado will win their next NHL game? In that case, you need to look for the Avalanche odds on a moneyline bet. This is a simple wager where you say who you think will win. The favorite is listed with a negative number, which is the dollar amount you need to bet to win $100. 


If the Avalanche is the favorite, you’ll see them listed with a positive number. This is how much you win if you bet $100. Enter an amount in the bet slip, and you’ll instantly be shown how much your winnings would be. 


Avalanche Point Spread 

You might not want to always bet on an outright win or loss. This is where the point spread or puck line bet is useful, as it lets you bet with a points margin in place. The favorite has a negative spread, such as -1.5. They need to win by 2 or more points for you to win, with the return based on the odds listed. 


If the spread is +1.5, this means that Colorado is the underdog. You can still win with this bet even if they lose, provided that the Avalanche doesn’t lose by 2 or more goals. 


Avalanche Totals 

A hockey totals bet is where you get the chance to say whether you think a lot of goals will be scored or not. The name of overs/unders is also used because you’re saying whether you think the stated number of goals will be exceeded or not.


In NHL games, expect to see this usually listed as 5.5, although it may vary. This means that you’re betting that either 5 or fewer goals will be scored (under) or 6 or more (over). It doesn’t matter if the Avalanche wins 6-0 or loses 0-6, both of these cases would see you win with an overs bet. 


Avalanche Parlays 

There may be occasions when you want to place more than a single bet. Let’s say that you think the Avalanche will win but also have a strong opinion on some other hockey games. You might want to roll up these wagers into a parlay. 


This is a way of looking for better odds, but it also means that you need every part of the bet to work out so you can collect your winnings. If you think you can predict several outcomes on a single bet slip, then add them on and see how the return would be. 


Avalanche Futures 

We all start a new season with high hopes, and it’s possible that Colorado can repeat their 2021–22 Stanley Cup-winning season this time. If you want to look that far ahead, you’ll find the Stanley Cup and similar bets in the futures section with Colorado Avalanche betting odds. 


This is also where you can bet on a team winning their conference, division, or any cups that they’re going to compete in. So, it’s a kind of wager that you might want to look at if you’ve weighed up the coming season and think you know what will happen. 


Avalanche Prop Bets 

Prop bets are based on the key factors in hockey matches, such as points, goals, and assists. You can either bet on a star player like Nathan MacKinnon boasting impressive stats in a game or base your wager on the team’s overall stats in one of these key areas. 


The more you look into the team’s current form and who is playing well, the higher your chances should be of being able to work out which prop bet might be most successful in any Colorado game that you want to bet on. 



Live Betting on Colorado Avalanche 

Live betting adds an extra edge to the sports betting process because you can place your wagers while the games are going on. This means that you’re trying to work out whether the Avalanche has the upper hand and whether the current Avalanche odds tonight suit you. 


The odds are updated all the time, which is how you can look for a window of opportunity where they’re right for you. This is becoming an increasingly popular way of betting as it’s fast-moving, and you can place your wagers whether you go to Ball Arena or not. 


If Colorado is winning and your bet is on track, you might see the option to cash out. This could be worth considering if you worry that they might go on to lose the game. Cashing out early locks in a profit for you no matter what happens next out on the ice.   



Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Odds 

Will the Avalanche add to their three Stanley Cup wins this season? The latest Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup odds have them as favorites, with odds of about +600 to +800 at the time of writing. This puts them ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes and the New Jersey Devils. The biggest outsiders include the Philadelphia Flyers and the San Jose Sharks, at odds of +15,000 in both cases. 


These are the odds before the season begins, so they may change once we see how the teams are shaping up. For instance, fans will want to see how the new recruits are settling in and whether any injuries hamper the main teams at the start of the new season. Therefore, some bettors like to grab the long odds on offer before the season begins, while others prefer to wait to see how the teams are looking.



Colorado Avalanche Odds FAQ 

What Are The Avalanche Title Odds? 

At the time of writing, the Colorado Avalanche odds for a title win start at about +600. This will probably change once the new season gets underway, and we see how they do. 


Are The Avalanche Favored To Win The Stanley Cup? 

Colorado is currently the favorite to win the Stanley Cup again after failing to retain it last season. The team is closely followed by the Carolina Hurricanes and the New Jersey Devils in the odds.   


Who Are Colorado Avalanche Rivals? 

The Detroit Red Wings is arguably their biggest rival in the NHL. This intense rivalry began in the 1990s and has been seen in several high-profile games over the years since then. 


When Did The Avalanche Move To Colorado? 

The Avalanche has been playing in Colorado since 1995, having been founded in Quebec City as the Quebec Nordiques. They played in the WHA under the original name but joined the NHL in 1979.