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Iowa State Football Odds

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Following around your favorite college football team can bring immense enjoyment. But there is nothing quite like throwing a few bucks on the game and winning along with the team. With Iowa State football odds, you can win along with the players on the field. 


The key is to have a better understanding of Iowa State betting odds before you start. When you know how to read Iowa State odds, you can make a bet that has a greater likelihood of winning. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use Iowa State football odds to win big this fall. 



Iowa State Cyclones football odds 


Before you can start worrying about Iowa State odds, it helps to know what you are looking at. There are a variety of bet types and odds formats to consider. You can then use those to make smarter, better bets. 



How to bet on Iowa State football 


Betting on Iowa State football is about more than picking a winner (unless you are betting on the money line). There are different bet types to analyze so that you can put yourself in the best possible position to win each Saturday. 


There are many different outcomes when betting on college football, not just the Iowa State Cyclones. In the section below, we will look at the various bet types, what the odds mean, and how you can use all of this information to win big. 



Iowa State football odds formats 


When checking out Iowa State football odds, you need to know the different bet types. Let’s take a look at the money line, over/unders, spread, player props, and futures. 



Iowa State Cyclones money line


The money line is the single most popular and simple bet there is. With the money line, you simply choose who will win the game. Scores and totals (more on that later) don’t matter, only the final outcome. 


There is one consideration to make and that is the odds. When the Cyclones took on the Ohio Bobcats, they were clear and obvious favorites to win. The odds put ISU at -1425 to win, making them massive betting favorites. A $100 bet on the Cyclones would net a measly $7 in winnings. 


Iowa State Cyclones over/unders 


If you aren’t certain about who will win, there is another avenue: the total. Bettors can wager on how many points the two teams will combine for, opting to bet on whether it will fall under or over that total. 


Let’s take a look at an example. When Iowa State played Oklahoma, the total was set at 58 points. The final score was 27-13 Oklahoma, resulting in an under (40 points). 


Iowa State Cyclones point spread 


The point spread is one of the most common bet types there is. Choosing who will win may be slightly easier depending on the matchup. That said, the odds can make betting on the outright winner less than worth the risk. 


That is where the spread comes in. Against the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the Cyclones were favored by 3.5 points. In order to cover the spread, they would have needed to win by at least four points (they lost outright 14-10). The spread evens the odds but is tougher to predict than the money line. 


Iowa State Cyclones props 


Not all of the action surrounds the final score. There are prop bets available which are based on specific player achievements. Iowa State betting odds can include things like player passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, and more. 


For example, you may have seen prop bets featuring quarterback Hunter Dekkers in 2022. Perhaps a prop would feature passing yards, with the line looking something like this: o225 yds (-110), u225 yds (+110). This means that it is more likely of him to hit the over of 225 yards than the under. 


Iowa State Cyclones futures 


The final bet type when considering Iowa State odds is the futures bet. While we may think of Iowa State odds today when betting, there can be dividends paid by looking to the future. A futures bet is just that: a prediction of an outcome that hasn’t happened yet. 


In the case of Iowa State football odds, a futures bet would predict something like winning the conference, making the college football playoff, or winning the national championship. For 2022, the Cyclones were +30000 to win it all and +6000 to win the Big 12 Championship. 



A brief history of the Iowa State Cyclones in college football 


Despite being an outlier on the national stage, the Cyclones are one of college football’s oldest programs. The program introduced football in 1878 but didn’t earn national recognition until 1892. Since then, it has been a long-standing member of the Big Eight and Big 12 conferences. 


The Cyclones have more than 1,200 games in their history, with some early success in the Big Eight. Since then, things have been up-and-down for the Cyclones. The most prominent standing Iowa State has is playing their in-state rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes. With the re-shaping of the Big 12, seeing Oklahoma and Texas move on to the SEC, the Cyclones hope to become a more featured part of the conference. 



Iowa State football FAQ 


Has Iowa State football ever won a conference championship? 

Iowa State has two conference championships in its history, both coming in the now-defunct Big Eight Conference. Funny enough, those titles were not only both co-championships, but back-to-back in nature (1911 and 1912). 


How many national championships has Iowa State won? 

Despite varying success, the Cyclones are without a national championship in the 131-year history of the program.


What are Iowa State’s rivals? 

Iowa State has three main rivals. They compete with Kansas State in “Farmageddon” and Missouri for the Telephone Trophy. But their main rival is the Iowa Hawkeyes, playing for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.