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Colorado Buffaloes

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What do you need to know the latest Colorado football odds for? Fans can bet on everything from their next game to whether they’ll win their second national title, but you’ll want to know about the different types of bets and odds before you get started. 



How to Bet on the Buffaloes? 

Get started by creating a new account at ClutchBet, which only takes a moment to do. You can then take a look at the upcoming college football games on the site or check out the odds for other sports and leagues from around the planet that are offered. Even when the Buffaloes aren’t playing, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. 

The reason many people place bets on their favorite team is that it’s easier to predict the outcome when you know the team and its players. For instance, anyone can take into account the fact that last season ended with a forgettable record of 1-11, with 1-8 in Pac-12 games. However, a Buffaloes fan will go deeper and look at the appointment of Deion Sanders as head coach as well as new recruits such as Travis Hunter and Shedeur Sanders for signs of optimism. 

The process of placing wagers is simple, as it can be carried out online with just a few clicks. Therefore, the main point to feel comfortable with is what type of bet you want to make. This is where understanding the following options is crucial. 



How to Read Colorado Buffaloes Football Odds? 

The odds of the Buffaloes winning or losing aren’t particularly difficult to understand. However, it’s the fact that there are several different ways of betting that may make it seem slightly confusing at first sight. Take a look at the following kinds of Colorado football odds, and you’ll understand how they all work. 


Buffaloes Moneyline 

This is a classic football bet, which is based solely on who you think will win. If you feel confident that the Buffaloes will win, this is the wager you want to make. You can also choose the moneyline if you think they’ll lose. 

Look for the negative number to see who is the favorite. This tells you the amount you need to bet to win $100 in profit. On the other hand, a positive number tells you the amount you would win for a $100 bet on the underdog. 


Buffaloes Point Spread 

You may feel that it suits you to go a step further and take the winning margin into account. With these wagers, you’ll see a points difference as well as the latest Colorado Buffaloes odds. The team that has a negative sign next to the margin is the favorite. If the odds are listed as -9.5, this means that your bet on this team wins only if they win the game by 10 points or more. 

If the Buffaloes aren’t expected to win, the margin will be positive and you need them to not lose by more than that margin. This means that you can bet on Colorado at -9.5; if they lose by less than 9 points, your wager wins. 


Buffaloes Totals 

You might think that an upcoming game is going to be a high-scoring affair, or you may believe that there are going to be few points scored. In either of these situations, you can use the total bet, which is also called overs/unders. 

Look for the total number of points and decide whether you think the game will produce more or less than this. The result doesn’t matter, and neither does the total number of points scored by either team. Half points are typically used, so your bet will either win or lose with no push possible. 


Buffaloes Parlays 

What if you enjoy following other teams, such as the Denver Broncos in the NFL, and want to place bigger and more ambitious bets? This is where you might want to check out some parlays, which are where you add more than one bet to a single slip. 

This ties them all together, meaning that you may get a bigger profit if they all win. But your whole bet loses if even one of them doesn’t work out as predicted. Some bettors enjoy this type of wager, while others prefer to stick to a single bet each time.   


Buffaloes Futures 

Do you like to look ahead and imagine how the season might work out for the Buffaloes? If you do, the future bet might be what you need. This is where you can bet on things that are further away than the upcoming games. 

For instance, you could place a wager on the Buffaloes winning their division or the conference title. You might also look at the Colorado football odds on them winning a bowl or on individual players winning awards. 


Buffaloes Prop Bets 

This is another interesting kind of bet where you’re not really interested in the outcome of the game. Instead, you choose a certain part of the game, such as the number of touchdowns scored, the number of passing yards achieved, or something else that you feel you can predict. 

Either bet on the overall team stats or on how a player like a quarterback Shedeur Sanders will perform. This makes it a wager that may be more suited to someone who follows the team closely and has a good idea of how everyone in it is performing just now. 



Live Betting on Colorado Buffaloes 

The idea of live betting has taken off recently thanks to the availability of online sportsbooks like ClutchBet where the odds are constantly updated. This allows you to bet while you watch the games at Folsom Field or else follow them on the TV or online. 

If you think you can see how the game is developing, you can place your bet while the action is taking place. It probably suits someone who feels confident in their ability to spot changes to the way the game is flowing and is fast to place their bets. 

This wager sometimes also gives you the option of cashing out early. This is often offered when the result is going your way, so it gives you the decision to make on whether to wait until the game is over and collect the full amount of cash out early and avoid any risk of the game-changing in a way that makes you lose. 



Colorado Buffaloes National Championship Odds 

The Buffaloes have one national championship to their name, which was achieved in 1990 when they beat Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl to end a season that saw them go 7-0 in the Big Eight Conference. Can they do something similar in the new season ahead? The current odds put Georgia as favorites at around +220, ahead of Ohio State and Alabama.  

You need to scroll down further to find the Buffaloes, as they have odds of +40,000 at the time of writing. This put them down with outsiders such as Virginia Tech and Boise State, with their chances of a championship win not rated highly. You can place this bet at any time, and if Colorado starts the season strongly under their new head coach and offensive coordinator you can expect to see the odds drop significantly. 



Colorado Buffaloes Odds FAQ 

What Are The Odds For The Colorado National Title? 

Currently, you can get odds of around +40,000 on the Buffaloes winning the national title in the 2023 season. This puts them among the outsiders who aren’t expected to win the championship this season. 

Who Are The Colorado Buffaloes Biggest Rivals? 

Colorado State is one of their biggest rivals, with a long history of playing each other in the Rocky Mountain Showdown. You might also see Nebraska, Utah, and Kansas State mentioned in this respect. 

Can You Bet On The Colorado Buffaloes? 

Yes, you can find the latest Colorado football odds on ClutchBet. Options include moneyline bets, spread bets, and futures. You can also look for prop bets that are best on individual stats from certain games. 

What Are Handicaps In College Football? 

This is a technique used where the teams aren’t evenly matched. In this case, rather than simply betting on the winner and the loser, a points handicap is added so that the bet is based on winning or losing by a certain margin.